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One day to celebrate

Digital Nomadism


Join us as we bring together remote professionals from Montreal and around the world to share our passions about digital nomadism, freelancing, and location independence.

Hosted by Nomad Coliving and Digital Nomads Montreal, this conference will feature workshops, meetups and networking. This event is for established digital nomads, those curious about how to get started, and everyone in-between.

We’ve curated an international speaker program of successful digital nomads and entrepreneurs who embrace and champion their location independent lifestyles.

What to expect: 

Choose between different workshop topics, build out your ideas in our designated collaboration space or listen to a panel discussion. Our program will allow you to choose what you want to learn more about in different rooms and separate areas. 

What to bring 

  • Reusable water bottle / coffee mug

  • Your favorite tool for note taking (notepad, laptop, tablet etc) 

  • Business Cards, promotional speakers


Food & Drink

  • Coffee, tea, filtered and sparkling water provided for free all day long. 

  • Enjoy a free vegetarian-friendly lunch provided by our sponsors.

  • Happy-Hour Networking featuring non-alcoholic cocktails and other surprises!

Accomodation ​

  • Sadly Nomad Coliving has no more vacancy, but check our neighbourhood airbnb, we also love M Montreal hostel.


  • regular : 45$

  • early bird : 28$ until July 14th

Available on Eventbrite

Main events in English, celebrating the global diversity of our speakers, some workshops will only be in French.



Jonathan Ginter

Mentor, Product Owner | Agile Coach | Development Leader | System Architect | Speaker

Jonathan is a 28-year veteran of the tech industry, having been a developer, software architect, product manager, and agile coach. He is brought in to fix product strategies by engaging with customers to shape a new vision for a product and then redesign its architecture. He has helped to design, build, and deliver commercial software solutions that were sold to Fortune 500 companies and governments in North America, Europe and Asia. 


Sergio Sala

Writer - | Web Designer

Sergio, a self-taught web designer from age 14 knows the hustle all too well. Starting out charging a cheap hourly rate for minimal work to working on some of the biggest high-budget projects in Spain. Working with the likes of Angel Alegre, Victor Martin and Sonia Sanchez all entrepreneurial heroes in the Spanish online community.


Ambroise Debret

Growth hacker

Ambroise est un entrepreneur web, growth hacker et digital nomad, passionné par l’optimisation.

Insatisfait par la voie classique qu’on nous vend - bonnes études, bon boulot, retraite etc. - il a pris son indépendance à 24 ans pour être libre, gagner sa vie sur le web et voyager (+ 30 pays à son actif).

Ambroise est un nomade digital et t'aide à le devenir aussi à travers ses conseils sont basés sur son experience, sans bullshit.

Blogueur et consultant depuis plus de 4 ans, il est également co-fondateur de Make it Run, une plateforme qui relie coureurs et course à pied et organisateur de MTL+ECOMMERCE, le plus important meetup mensuel de Ecommerce.


Mike LaRosa

International Speaker | Coworking Expert Thought Leader | Podcast Producer

Mike LaRosa is the Publisher and Coworkaholic in Chief. Self diagnosed as coworking obsessed since 2013, his love of shared workspaces has taken him to over 500 spaces in 35+ countries around the world. To pay the bills, he's a partner at AgoraRDM, a real estate development and management consulting firm. In his spare time, he produces the Miles to Go, NowBoarding and Award Travel 101 podcasts.


Tiffany Joseph

Sales and Customer Retention Professional | Salesforce Administrator.

Tiffany is a sales and business development professional seeking opportunities in the SFDC eco-system. 

10+ years experience in sales and customer service team lead & management. 


Sara Follador

Funnel designer

Sara is a creative strategist dedicated to getting international VC funding for sustainable business owned by female entrepreneurs.
She is the co-founder of PLAN B ecosystem and l’Universite du Leadership Feminin!
Sara is also hosting podcast ‘’On parle Cash de Cash !’’ As nomad digital she is travelling the world to enjoy doing business and life in order stay creative !

Obsessive traveler, business owner, and

Maria Kinoshita

Elearning consultant| Creative coliving space founder | Speaker

Maria is a global citizen with roots in Africa, Japan, and France, and calls Canada home. She founded Octo D, an edTech startup that focuses on B2B multilingual eLearning module development, while travelling extensively.

Passionate about alternative learning styles, travel and business development, she also launched Nomad Coliving in 2018, a residence for digital nomads and entrepreneurs, the first of its kind in Montreal, Canada.


Ziad Saab

NodeJS/React Web and Mobile Developer

Ziad is a software developer and educator from Montreal, Canada with over fifteen years of experience. He has worked for startups, agencies, and large companies in industries ranging from entertainment to banking.

He specializes in NodeJS, React, and Postgres, as well as the ecosystems surrounding these technologies. He sometimes do mentoring at, and volunteer with the local Ladies Learning Code chapter in Montreal.

He also co-founded and is currently an advisor at DecodeMTL, a full-stack JavaScript Web Development bootcamp in Montreal, Canada.

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Helene Caura

Learning Design Alchemist | Change Catalyst 

Hélène Caura holds a Master 2 in Knowledge Mediation and Multilingualism, Computer Aided Learning, and also has a complementary training in scenario writing and as a documentary researcher. She has worked in the field of multimedia training for nearly 20 years as an educational designer, consultant and developer, including 10 years spent abroad in Singapore, New Zealand, and Canada.


Bene the Nomad Coach

Career & Leadership Coach

As a Career & Leadership Coach, Bene works with clients across industries and continents to find the career they were meant for and ways to excel within it. 

She believes that who we are should define what we do, and that what we do defines who we are, which is why she specializes in coaching that focuses on your professional life.

She uses the Co-Active Coaching Model to serve as a catalyst for emerging leaders and mid-career professionals to take control of their outlook on work and life and unlock their potential.

And many more !


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