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1679 Rue de Champlain

Montreal, QC H2L 2S6


2414 Rue Nicolet

Montréal, QC H1W 3L4

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I am a global citizen with roots in Africa, Japan, and France, and Canada is where I call home. I specialize in developing customized corporate training programs, which allows me to work remotely. Despite the thrill of exploring new places, the constant search for the perfect place to work and stay was always a daunting task. I found myself spending endless hours comparing locations and flights, which made my busy schedule even more overwhelming. The inefficiency of it all deeply frustrated me.

One day, a friend suggested that I check out a co-living space she had read about in an article. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try. The idea of an all-inclusive experience that would remove the stress of organizing my living arrangements was very tempting. I really enjoyed my first experiences and since then, I have visited and stayed in multiple co-living spaces in Asia, Europe, and North America.

As I traveled, I realized that the concept of co-living had immense potential, but there were still many issues that needed to be addressed. This motivated me to dive deep into studying the management of these spaces, comparing what makes a good experience compared to one that leaves you with the feeling that you just rented a room. I was so passionate about it that I started sharing my findings giving talks about my experience as a coliver in conferences in Asia, Europe, and even on a transatlantic cruise.

I loved the idea of coliving so much that I started playing with the idea of starting my own space. At that time, there were no coliving projects in Canada, and I saw this as an opportunity to bring this concept to Montreal. It's a great location, being one of the main North American flight hubs between the Americas and Europe. Plus, Montreal is still one of the most affordable metropolises in North America and has a vibrant cultural lifestyle with festivals and activities all year round, with many of them being free.

More importantly, living in a co-living space meant that I would no longer need to worry about finding renters for my condo every time I leave, as I could work with community leaders and a manager to take care of the logistics. And so, Nomad Coliving was born.

Today, I am doing my best to provide a unique experience based on my own findings staying in co-living spaces as a digital nomad. I have worked on the design to fit my personal standards, the needs of other nomads I met, and my desire to live in a sustainable environment with inspiring people from all around the world and diverse backgrounds.

The road to building Nomad Co-living was not easy, and there were times when I thought I stop, or I would never do it again. But the overwhelming support and positive feedback that came from it, and the feeling that I am not done with my job (we have year-long waiting list), made me realize that there is still a need for more flexible communal living spaces. I feel more equipped now and, more importantly, have an even stronger community backing me up.


This has motivated me to look for new real estates in Montreal and even in Okinawa, Japan, an underrated sub-tropical paradise.

Living with inspiring entrepreneurs and tech workers has also empowered me to work on a tech startup, a SAAS platform to make instructional designer's work easier. I am excited about what the future holds and can't wait to see where this journey takes me next. Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey!

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